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Strategic cooperation between Nelios and Marketing Greece for
17th of October, 2023
Nelios Marketing Greece 3rd Year Renewal

Nelios announces its ongoing partnership with Marketing Greece for a third consecutive year, aiming to further upgrade and support

Through their partnership, has been upgraded significantly: it now offers the functions to search for hotel availability, and experiences, in real time all over Greece. These functions are achieved using specialized web services – developed by the Nelios team – through recognized technology providers in the Greek market. The traveller who wishes to proceed to an online booking is taken directly to the website of the hotelier or experience provider and completes the process. This adds significant value, especially to local experience creators, who can now promote their services on a larger scale. 

Until recently, was a key tool for generating inspiration and awareness of Greek destinations. With these new functions, the platform solidifies its role in the decision-making process of the modern traveller, showcasing a range of travel experiences.

At the same time, a holistic restructuring of the portal’s technological infrastructure was achieved. The main results of this restructuring are: enhanced security, easier scalability, improved user experience, and support for larger volumes of visitors. With this restructuring, welcomed an impressive volume of visits – up 20% compared to 2019 and a near 100% increase in page views per visit.

Finally, a number of additional features have been developed on the platform that serve Marketing Greece’s strategies, such as: upgraded services for international media, extensive use of structured data for more effective SEO, support for additional type of content such as podcasts, and more.

With a common vision to progress Greek tourism, Nelios and Marketing Greece look forward to many more successful collaborations. From further enhancing to implementing joint actions, our goal is a robust online promotion of destinations which will shape Greek tourism now and in future years.

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