About Who we are

At Nelios, we know travel like the back of our hand. And we also know that travel starts online.

About Nelios
Our Vision

Transforming the way that hotel brands and destinations connect, engage and finally bring value to their guests, their staff and their local communities. Technology is both our driving force and the key to re-thinking the business models of our clients, making them more profitable and helping their sustainable growth.

Nelios Mission
Our Mission

We help hotel brands and destinations find their voice and rise above the noise in an ever changing, busy digital world. We share our clients vision and become partners in working towards a common goal: to create a digital presence that is true, has substance and makes an impact. None of the fluff. We are serious about digital marketing.

Nelios team
Our people are our most valuable asset.

Powered by a team of driven, young professionals with a vested interest in travel, Nelios brings an intriguing mix of skills and personalities to the table. Our company culture values each individual as an integral part of the team. We are as fun as we are serious. At Nelios, we provide a laid-back, healthy and safe work environment in which each person can be themselves and bring their best each and every day. Our ethos is one of diversity, inclusion, dignity and respect for all.

Nelios Values
Our Values is our Growth Engine.

It is in the very heart of our existence the growth culture for everything we are getting envolved.


  • Growth for our clients
  • Self development for our team
  • Financial growth
  • Using always cutting edge technology
  • Leading our industry
  • Respecting the environment
  • Growing the digital tourism ecosystem
Nelios Office
Our Team
  • Dimitris Serifis Nelios
    Dimitris Serifis
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Zoe Mouchritsa Nelios
    Zoe Mouchritsa
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kastriti Lina Nelios
    Lina Kastriti
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Michalis Papamakarios
    Michalis Papamakarios
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Kouka Emmanouela Nelios
    Emmanouela Kouka
    Digital Business Optimization Expert
  • Eirini Komessariou Nelios
    Eirini Komessariou
    Account Growth Expert
  • Effie Moskofoglou Nelios
    Effie Moskofoglou
    Chief Communication Officer
  • Helen-Marie Joyce
    Helen-Marie Joyce
    SEO Creative Copywriter
  • Vassilis Koutsouradis Nelios
    Vassilis Koutsouradis
    Account Growth Εxpert
  • Xristos Bitzis Nelios
    Xristos Bitzis
    Digital Advertising Head
  • Katerina Papadopoulou Nelios
    Katerina Papadopoulou
    Digital Transformation Specialist
  • Akis Laoutaris Nelios
    Akis Laoutaris
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Agnes Jozwiak Nelios
    Agnes Jozwiak
    Digital Advertising Expert
  • Panagiotis Xristodoulou
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Thomas Krabokoukis Nelios
    Thomas Krabokoukis
    Account Growth Εxpert
  • Makentoudi Christina Nelios
    Christina Makentoudi
    Senior Web Designer
  • Annita Petropoulou Nelios
    Annita Petropoulou
    Credit Control Manager
  • Katerina Pitsigavdaki Nelios
    Katerina Pitsigavdaki
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Eleni Gougoustamou
    Performance Marketing Executive
  • Leonidas Xagaras Nelios
    Leonidas Xagaras
    UI/UX Designer
  • Alex Bogias Nelios
    Alex Bogias
    Senior Web Developer
  • Nefeli Kokkini Nelios
    Nefeli Kokkini
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Aggelos Agapiou Nelios
    Aggelos Agapiou
    Graphics & Motion Designer
  • Dimitris Kottas
    Dimitris Kottas
    Senior Web Developer
  • Anna-Maria Krizazi Nelios
    Anna-Maria Krizazi
    Office Manager
  • John Paraskevopoulos
    John Paraskevopoulos
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Vasso Pofanti Nelios
    Vasso Pofanti
    Digital Marketing Executive
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    We are experts in providing data driven digital marketing campaigns for a common target: your success!

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