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Configuring Google Analytics 4 for Hospitality

The Story

Google announced in late 2020, the launch of Google Analytics 4 to completely replace the classic Google Analytics platform. This is a structured privacy-centric by design version of the well-known classic (Universal) Analytics combined with extensive use of Machine Learning.

  • What's new

    Version 4 is a completely new platform. The classic Google Analytics will officially stop recording data after July 2023, as Google has informed. So in order for your business to continue to collect valuable data that relates to visitor interaction with its website and booking data, you need to integrate Google Analytics 4.

  • Emphasis on user behaviour

    It focuses on the users and the events they carry out on each visit to your website. The event concept is completely customizable so each business can define what really makes sense for their website to capture, on a much larger scale than previous Analytics. This allows the platform, with appropriate customization, to analyze and present data that practically identifies more with actual commercial questions of the Management.

Google Analytics 4 Hotel Sample Report Nelios
In brief

The most important changes that affect the use and usability of the platform are:

Data configuration
Recording of custom data types tailored to the needs of each hotel.
Cross device
Better tracking when a user logs in from different devices.
Creating goals
Flexible creation of goals that make commercial sense for the business.
Better reporting with more data to help understand users.
Google Analytics 4
  • Google analytics 4 for Hospitality

    At Nelios we have developed a configuration in Google Analytics 4 specifically for travel websites. This configuration is based on our many years of experience from the development of more than 500 hotel websites and the daily study of data related to the increase in direct bookings / requests of our customers. If you have such a website, even if you are not a Nelios customer, contact us today to start the transition to the new platform together.

  • What is included in our package
    • Analysis of your digital assets
    • Defining a data strategy
    • Defining needs and key indicators
    • Opening a GA4 account
    • Nelios GA4 installation
    • Connect to your booking engine
    • Customize to your needs
    • Training on how to use the platform
    • Trial operation (1 month)
    • Process completion


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