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Proud to have created the Nimbus Hotels website, a digital masterpiece which was awarded as the best hotel website in Greece for 2021.
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Nimbus Hotels Website by Nelios
The Approach

The website’s goal was to showcase the minimal and high end character of the group’s brand, in combination with the provision of top tier services in two worldwide, top class destinations. The basic design philosophy rests upon a clear and minimal aesthetic, which is harmoniously fused with the simplicity and symmetry that Cycladic architecture is known for. Every aspect of the website has been researched carefully, so that it serves in terms of functionality as well as successfully conveying the individual messages with a visual emphasis.

  • User Experience

    It is a fully responsive & fast page loading website, features that, in combination with light animations, cutting edge mouse pointer inspired by the brand’s identity and with ease of navigation in mind, come together to make it UX optimized all the while elevating the user experience.

  • Conversion Optimised

    Special focus has been given to the elements that characterize the new website as Conversion Optimized, such as the evident Call to Actions (CTAs), the emphasis on the group’s Loyalty program as well as the subtle cross selling between the two hotels.

  • Awards

    Awarded as the best hotel website in Greece at Greek Hospitality Awards 2021 #GHA2021

  • Gold Award - Nimbus Best Hotel Website 2021

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